Project: Bastards
Context: Urban design and artistic research work from the PhD The Animate Drawing
Exhibited at: WORKS & WORDS Biennale
Place: Meldahls Smedje, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Copenhagen
Date: 23 March – 7 May 2017

Exhibition view, photo: Søren Svendsen

A set of ‘Bastards’ – i.e. playful urban furniture and pavilions – were developed as experimental drawings. There are four types of Bastards, which can be flexibly placed in parks and urban contexts to form temporary spaces.

Bastard 4 is a combined viewing balcony, staircase and swing
Bastard 4 as unfolded drawing

Bastard 2 is a chair of cardboard. It is a temporary furniture for festivals, markets and other events. The chair is ca. 40 x 40 x 45 cm, folded in one piece and can carry ca. 100 kg.

Sequence of folding
Temporary landscape of folded chairs

Bastard 3 is a tiny shelter on wheels. Walls can be opened up to form terraces, shadow roofs and yards or closed down and packed away.

Bastard 3 is a pavilion inspired by a zoetrope