Sundial drawings

There is a mythical connection between the phenomenon of sunbeams hitting the earth in parallel projection and the origin of architectural drawing (cf. Robin Evans, Translations from Drawing to Building). This drawing series contemplates that connection, and how the way space measured in drawing is related to the way time is measures as the sun moves across the sky.

The animation shows the changing shadows in a field of sundials seen in plan. The sundials are distributed as a calendar spanning from January (South) to December (North), and from 6 pm (East) to 6 am (West). Each triangular sundial has an elliptical hole cut out and is adjusted to the location in Berlin so when the sunbeams hit the dial a full circle of light becomes visible exactly every full hour.

Plan drawing of the field of sundials with ‘more times’ superimposed (colour print 90 x 200 cm).